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Teamware Office 8.5 now available!

Fujitsu has announced the new version of their collaborative application suite - Teamware Office version 8.5 - for Windows, Solaris and Linux server platforms. Instant Messaging is the main new feature,  but there are other improvements in the user interface that offer end users more flexibility and power in managing information with advanced email, group calendars, document library and forums.

New Client Features

TWO 85 preview

Instant Messaging is introduced as new feature. You can see Presence status of other users and have Online chatting or Conference meetings with them. Presence information is accessible from Mail, Calendar and Directory client as well as from WebService. Teamware Spark Instant Messaging client is included in client installation package

In Mail  Co-recipients can now be seen in received message and auto-reply expiration date can be defined. Signature file may be excluded automatically for selected addresses and sent messages may be deleted immediately. A Single search button is implemented and headers.txt is moved to message properties.

In Calendar there are performance enhancements and as a new feature, import/export of appointments in iCalendar (.ics) format. Calendar Restore utilities are now included in standard server. You can receive an email when an appointment is made in your calendar. Categories are visible to other users with secretarial rights. Calendar sorting in start window is possible.

In Directory users’ Internet mail addresses are possible to show in search result columns

Mail Archive in now usable also from Webservice Mail. Instant Messaging can be also be done with browser, and Firefox also supported for drag-and-drop (Ajax) Calendar

Login message is now bigger and you can have active URL links there. In server there are new parameters for todirmov and tombex tools. Allowed client versions can also be defined.

“The end users have now more options to communicate, “ tells Jyri Jämsä, Teamware Product Manager. “There are lots of situations that are better managed with Instant messages , it is not necessary to send many small mail messages“, he explains. “Also exchanging information with other Calendar systems is now possible.”
Read also Teamware Office 8.5 Tutorial, contains short video links about new features.

See Teamware Office 8.5 Tutorial with some video clips for details.

Powerful Free Text Search and Mail Archiving

Teamware Office has the options of Free text search, extensive Mail archiving and Event service as fully integrated components. Archiving will handle all incoming, outgoing and locally sent email and saves the email messages for long-term storage. The free text search works also without Archive service, but requires installation of additional services .With the Event server external product can be integrated with Teamware Office, for example to synchronize calendar appointments

Teamware Office 8.5 supports Windows 7 and Vista workstations. The clients are integrated with Microsoft Office 2010 productivity tools. Teamware Office 8.5 Edition 1 is immediately available for Windows 2008 and 2003,  Solaris 10, Debian GNU/Linux 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5- &  6- and Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 server platforms.

02/05/12 20:36